Spotify Application Key

To use the Spotify API in spotd, I need a special key which have to be included in the application.

Not a problem, until I read in the Libspotify Terms of Use that the key have to be distributed in a way so that third parties can not extract it.

This is kind of a problem as I wanted the whole of spotd to be open source, and including a piece of data that can not be extracted by others is not easy in normal cases, it is almost impossible in an open source application.

The only way of distributing it that don't break the Spotify Terms of Use is to close my application, which is definitively not what I want.

So will this mean the end of spotd even before it really got started? Not a chance! I will just try and bend the rules as much as I can by not directly distributing anything, although I will store it at a backup place called GitHub. The actual key will not be included though, so unfortunately everyone who wants to use this has to get their own keys, and to do that you need to be a premium subscriber.

It's not a good solution, and it will most likely end up with me being sued or something, but by then I hope the community will have come up with a workaround. If the hacker community want something, they will make sure to get it!

Or I just make use of something hackers already made, like one of the free existing open-source Spotify libraries, like the ones that can be found at despotify.se.

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