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I haven't been able to work on spotd for the last few days, but before my short break I finally managed to get some sound out of my computer. The first time I made a program to make sound in almost 20 years. Yay!

Ok, I have to admit it wasn't any sound from Spotify, only some stupid sinus-wave, but still.

The code for it can be found in my spotd repository, in the dev/test-alsa branch, found here.

As you can guess from the branch-name, I made it in ALSA, the most common sound API in Linux. First time I ever used it, and it worked like a charm.

Anyway, I have other things to do right now, but when I get back to coding in a couple of days, I hope to be able to play tracks from SPotify!


spotd branching strategy

I recently started using GIT in my work, and thought I would give it a shot for some private projects as well. On spotd I have mixed branches and branch-names pretty wildly, and thought that it soon might be time to think about some overall strategy and naming schemes.

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I have now started working on searching for stuff with libspotify. Turns out to be easier than I thought. :-)

Also, in case people want to see my progress, I have a github repository here, with the dev/test-spot branch used for my learning. All the code is in a single source file in the test-spot directory.

I just have searching for, and printing info about, artists and playlists before it is time to start working in getting some sound out of it all. This is something that I think will be a lot harder than making simple searches for tracks. But also fun, I have never really made sounds before. I look forward to that! :-)

I have been doing some experiments with the Spotify library to learn it for use in spotd, and have been making some progress; I can now connect and log in to the Spotify server.

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Spotify Application Key

To use the Spotify API in spotd, I need a special key which have to be included in the application.

Not a problem, until I read in the Libspotify Terms of Use that the key have to be distributed in a way so that third parties can not extract it.

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