PMS (or Python Mud Server)

Since a few weeks back, I am working writing a web-application using Python and the Django framework. I have allways thought of Python as a nice language, but after working with it I am certain that it is a very nice language. So nice that I will try to… more »

I'm working again

As usual, I'm all to quiet, and very bad at updating my little blog. However, a couple of weeks back something nice happened, and I simply have to write about it! more »
For several days I have been trying to get Visual Studio 2010 working in VirtualBox. The symptoms were that the GUI hanged on start, but the actual application responded to events like resizing, moving and closing. A hint for the solution was found at… more »
The last few days I have tried to make sense of Unicode and how to handle files stored in UTF-8. After some major headscratching I think I figured it out. more »



If there is anyone who has checked this blog a couple of time, they will notice that the contents hav now been reset. It seems that the database of the blog, or something else, had been corrupted. So here we are again, trying one more time. more »

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