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Some ramblings about spotd

As I said in my previous post (found here) I have started working on a program that I call spotd. spotd is a daemon that functions like Spotify, but without the graphical user interface. more »
At the moment I seem to have a little to many projects going on at the same time. EvilOS kernel, put on indefinite hold since many years MUDs, I have way to many MUD servers going on, all different and most to be implemented from scratch PyWM, an… more »
Instead of continuing working on PMS I have decided to give it one more chance to make a MUD server using the Django framework. So now I present to you: DjangoMUD! I'm still using Twisted for the actual telnet handling, and will use Jinja2 for templates… more »

PMS (or Python Mud Server)

Since a few weeks back, I am working writing a web-application using Python and the Django framework. I have allways thought of Python as a nice language, but after working with it I am certain that it is a very nice language. So nice that I will try to… more »
For several days I have been trying to get Visual Studio 2010 working in VirtualBox. The symptoms were that the GUI hanged on start, but the actual application responded to events like resizing, moving and closing. A hint for the solution was found at… more »

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