Installing Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) on a (fake) RAID0 SSD is not easy or straight-forward. This post describes the problems I had, while another will describe my solution to get it to work.

When the new Ubuntu came a couple of days ago, I decided to re-install my home-computer from scratch, and on a brand new SSD drive. After looking around for a bit, I figured an OCZ RevoDrive would give me most bang for my buck. The RevoDrive is an SSD-drive that comes on a PCI-express x4 card, and not as a normal hard-drive. This makes it very fast (up to 540 Mbps read speed, and up to 480 Mbps write speed). The problem is that it actually is two separate 60G drives, that either can be used separatly or as a RAID0 or RAID1 configuration. For speed I opted for the RAID0 variant, but it's not a proper RAID and is aptly called fakeRAID.

Installing went pretty well, with some minor troubles only: There is a bug in the installation-media which manifests as en error in the lzma-libraries, which is used for unpacking the software packages. The impact was minor, but irritating; The other problem was that the installation program set up the booting of my installation wrong. It might have been because some software for handling RAID-arrays was missing from the installation media, and couldn't be installed because of the first error.

Besides that, partioning and installation went without a hitch. The problems came when restarting the computer, and I ended up with a black screen with nothing happening. It booted to GRUB without problems, but when going forward from there I just ended up with the black screen.

I have fiddled around a bit, found some hints and tips via google, and with the help of those and some configuration-file editing seem to have it working now. But before I write about the solution, I just want to make sure it really works! (By doing a new reboot. ;) )

The solution can now be found here!

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